Limited Edition Super Smash Bros Ultimate Announced


Great news for all my fellow Super Smash Bros. fans. A limited edition of the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was just announced via Nintendo of Europe’s Twitter post. Check it out below.

Here’s a closer look of the box.


From the artwork on the box, we can make out that it comes with a physical copy of SSBU as well as a Gamecube controller and the Switch adaptor accessory. If that’s the real size of the box, it seems a bit big for what the pictures indicate it will contain. Aside from what we can see directly and based on what was noted in the Twitter post, that’s all it’s supposed to come with. The size of the box does seem odd though… it looks like it could fit an actual console in there! Maybe it will also come with some unannounced extra like an artbook or something? Otherwise, the product doesn’t seem befitting of a “limited edition” title.

The limited edition version of the game is set to be released on December 7th meaning we still have a ways to go before we can finally get our hands on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Nintendo’s constant barrage of new updates like the addition of Donkey Kong’s nemesis, King K. Rule, and Castlevania’s Simon and Richter Belmont, isn’t making the wait any easier.

Sigh. December can’t come any sooner.


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