Street Fighter V Finally Getting Sagat


This past weekend was EVO 2018 and a ton of fighting game news has been making headlines lately as a result. Following on the heels of the big Dragon Ball FighterZ announcement regarding the addition of Cooler to the roster, Street Fighter V is also bringing two new fighters into the game. Sagat and a new fighter called “G” are making their way to SF5 for the start of season 3.


Muay Thai fighter Sagat has been in the series since the original 1987 Street Fighter game, and has been in practically every Street Fighter title since then. This being the case, it was rather strange that Street Fighter V didn’t feature him as a release character. Clearly, Capcom wanted to milk an extra bit of money from fans as he’s being added to the game as a DLC character priced at $5.99 USD or 100,000 Fight Money. Alternatively, you can get him in the Season 3 Character Pass for $29.99 USD which also unlocks Sakura, Blanka, Falke, Cody, and G.


Check out the trailer for Sagat below.

Sagat retains his iconic moveset including his “Tiger Uppercut,” “Tiger Knee,” and his “Tiger” projectile. Best of all, he still looks as intimidating as ever.

A newcomer to the Street Fighter series called “G”, is also being added for season 3. Here’s the official Capcom trailer for him.

The guy looks like Abraham Lincoln jacked up on steroids. One of the notable things about the guy is that much like Sagat’s “tiger” phrase, G’s attacks seem to all have the word “president” before them. Hopefully this random similarity isn’t the only reason the two are being launched together…

While Sagat is definitely a fan-favorite introduction to Street Fighter V, it remains to be seen how the “Bizarro” version of Abraham Lincoln fairs in the game.


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