Blizzard Reveals Catcher Winston Skin For The Summer Games

Blizzard has been slowly rolling out new legendary Overwatch skins over the weekend. D.Va and Reinhardt had previously been revealed and now it’s Winston that is in the spotlight with his new Catcher skin.

The catcher skin is obviously inspired by Baseball as you can even see various baseballs implement within his skin. The skin also feels quite fitting for Winston as he has one of the highest jumps in the game, making him an ideal catcher. The skin’s sports-inspired theme comes from Overwatch’s annual Summer Games event that is inspired by the Olympic Games. This year the Summer Games will take place in Busan, South Korea. The Summer Games will kick-off on August 9.

The other two legendary skins that have been revealed for the Summer Games event are Gridironhardt Reinhardt and Waveracer D.Va. The Reinhardt skin was revealed on August 5 and is inspired by another popular sport, American Football. Considering his Charge ability tackles opponents with an enormous force, the Football skin is very fitting. It also fits well with the sports-inspired theme of the Summer Games.

The first skin that was revealed was Waveracer D.Va, which was revealed on August 4. The Waveracer D.Va skin has light hints towards surfing but mostly just looks like a cheerful summer outfit for D.Va. While not as heavily centered around sports as the other two skins, it does give me some strong summer vibes.

So far we have gotten a new reveal every day since Saturday, it would be great if this regular flow of new skin reveals would keep up until the event starts. All of the skins will be available through special Summer Game loot boxes. These loot boxes will always contain at least one item from the Summer Games. You will receive these loot boxes instead of regular loot boxes while the event is taking place. All of the previously released Summer Games content will also be available in case you missed it.

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