Ninja Is The First Streamer To Reach 10 Million Followers

Ninja is the first streamer on Twitch to ever reach a grand total of 10 million followers. This news was broken by himself, which seems to be quite a reliable source. He announced the news on Twitter together with a shoutout to all of his fans.

The 27-year-old streamer whose actual name is Richard Tyler Blevins has been streaming for a long time now before finally getting his breakthrough when Fortnite was released. He started playing Halo professionally in 2009 and started streaming in 2011. He has moved through quite a lot of games like Halo, H1Z1, and PUBG before he finally got to Fortnite. Besides being an enormous Twitch streamer, he is still officially part of the Luminosity Fortnite roster as a professional Fortnite player.

When he started streaming Fortnite in September 2017 he only had 500,000 viewers but that number grew by 250% in just 6 months. He is now undoubtedly the king of Twitch by an enormous margin. According to socialblade, the streamer with the most followers after Ninja is just shy of 4 million followers. This means that Ninja has 6 million followers more than the next most popular streamer. Ninja has such an immense number of followers that it’s hard to even wrap your head around it.

Ninja attributes part of his success as a streamer to the fact that Fortnite is a free to play game. This has opened the game up to a much wider audience which in turn has opened up Ninja’s stream to a much wider audience. The enormous speed at which the game grew and the rapid growth of Ninja’s channel, of course, went hand in hand.

Nevertheless, it can’t be overstated how much Ninja deserve the recent success that he’s had. For someone that has been streaming for such a long time while never giving up on achieving his dream, this must certainly feel like an enormous victory.  However, personally, it also makes me wonder how many more streamers are in the situation that Ninja was in before. There are probably tons of streamers out there that push consistently good content but have yet to get their big breakthrough like Ninja did.

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