Life Is Strange 2 Teaser Trailer Hints At A Bleaker World

A new teaser trailer for the anticipated sequel of Life Is Strange has just arrived and it sadly gives us very little information. However, the trailer for Life is Strange 2 makes it look a lot bleaker than the original Life of Strange. While the original was had it’s somber and messed up moments, it was also filled with a ton of joy, stunning environments, and heartwarming friendships. None of that is visible in the new trailer.


What we actually see is a police officer called Matthews that responds to a 10-10. Generally speaking, a 10-10 means that there is a fight in progress. We see the police officer run out of his vehicle to the right where the fight is presumably taking place. Based on the sound of his voice and the fact he immediately calls for backup definitely indicates that something more is going on here than just a fight. This is pretty much confirmed after he gets blown off his feet and his police car gets flipped by a mysterious force.

A neat little detail is that the cam recorder says that the current date is October 28, 2016. This means that the game will very likely take place in 2016 although I doubt that will really too much in the grand scheme of the game.


The game looks to be a bit heavier on the “mysterious powers” side of things. Although in the original Max had the ability to rewind time this was mostly used as a gameplay mechanic so you could go back and figure out how to properly walk your way through certain events. In the new trailer, as well as during The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit we can clearly see that some people have supernatural powers.

Although the trailer shows relatively little information, in the trailer description it can be read that “all will be revealed August 20, 2018”, so we’ll just have to wait until then. Just like the original game, Life of Strange 2 will be split up into 5 episodes that will be released over the course of a few months. The first episode will be released on September 27, for the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, and PC.

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