Google Hires Senior Sony Engineer For Next Gen Console

As we reported at the end of June, Google is planning to enter the video game console market sometime in the future and they’re hiring a ton of top industry execs to come work for them. According to VentureBeat, Google just added another name to its growing list of talent – Richard Marks. Marks was a senior research engineer at Sony who helped create the Eyetoy, the PlayStation Move controllers, and PlayStation VR.

Richard Marks
Richard Marks posing with a PlayStation VR set. Image Source: VentureBeat

Marks now joins Google in its “Advanced Technology and Projects” (ATAP) group where he will most likely be involved in Google’s reported next gen console. This is his first move from Sony where he had been working since 1999.

When asked by VentureBeat for comment on his move, Google had the following to say:

“ATAP is at the intersection of science and application where our goal is to solve significant problems and close the gap between what if and what is. We’re super excited about Richard joining the senior team and look forward to his contributions.”

Google is putting together an absolute all-star team that includes former Sony and Xbox exec Phil Harrison, PlayStation Home chief Jack Buser, and Xbox Live creator Greg Canessa just to name a few. With the addition of Richard Marks, a nearly 20 year Sony vet, there’s no telling who else will join Google in their newest foray into the gaming industry.


Featured Image Source: Time

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