Clash Testing Has Been Rescheduled On EUW Due To Server Issues

Bad news for any EUW players that were looking forward to testing out clash, it has once again been delayed. The long-anticipated tournament game mode was already announced over a year ago. Riot tried testing it earlier this year but as soon as it went live the crash reports came flying in. Riot decided to quickly cancel the testing and spent some more time on fixing bugs and issues.


This weekend was supposed to be the big weekend for Clash. Riot had success with the game mode in smaller regions and thus announced that they would test it in three major regions. NA, EUW, and EUNE. All the test would happen this weekend, with NA going live first and then EUW and EUNE. However, the test on EUW has been suddenly cancelled and thus will be rescheduled to a different time.


Riot made the announcement through a quick post in which they stated that they were experiencing server issues. This is somewhat good news at least since it means that it’s not an issue with the game mode per se, but rather an issue with the European servers. For the other two regions, the test will still go live as no major issues have been encountered yet.

Although it’s only 1 region where Clash won’t be tested this weekend, it’s one of the most populous regions and thus it didn’t take long for Redditors to start complaining and shitposting about the completely “unexpected” situation.


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