Tyler 1 Allegedly Ragequitting Games

One of Twitch’s biggest and most notorious streamers, Tyler 1, has been caught ragequitting in games. Tyler 1 is probably one of the most recognized League of Legends personalities after receiving worldwide fame with his permanent ban and reformation in League of Legends, but is his reformation story now coming to an end with recent toxic behavior.

Tyler 1 has been back in League of Legends for a while after being permabanned by Riot in 2016. He became a variety streamer and consistently proved on stream that he had changed his ways after his ban. After 2 years of “Free Tyler 1!” memes Riot finally reconsidered their ban on Tyler 1 and unbanned him in January 2018, stating that it was an experiment to see if they could reintroduce toxic players to League and that they would closely watch his behavior.


Despite Tyler 1’s seemingly changed behavior, the Cinderella story might be coming to an end soon, as Tyler 1 has allegedly been caught ragequitting in multiple games.

Streamer Dekar has uploaded this video among others in which Tyler 1 can be seen sitting on base and not doing anything to help the team. According to Dekar Tyler 1 has ragequitted the game. Tyler 1 however has defended himself by claiming that there was a power outage which caused him to disconnect from the game, and that he didn’t leave the games on purpose. As Tyler has not been seen ragequitting on his own stream there is no real evidence on whether this claim is true or not.

Tyler 1’s prove of the power outage

Dekar, the streamer that has uploaded the alleged evidence of Tyler 1 ragequitting has also shown that he is not the kindest soul on the planet, and has been caught raging on Tyler 1 quite a few times, as well as being a toxic player himself.

Riot will most likely have to investigate whether Tyler 1 is back to his old self or if it’s just a feud between streamers. In any case go grab your popcorn and refresh the League subreddit every few minutes because this is going to be entertaining.

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