Insomniac’s Spider-Man For The PlayStation 4 Has Gone Gold

Insomniac’s Spider-man for the PlayStation 4 is finally complete. Earlier today the Insomniac team announced on Twitter that the game has officially gone gold. This basically means that it’s complete and sent to manufacturers. The announcement was accompanied by one of Spider-man’s spiciest memes.

Fans have been patiently waiting for the release for more than 3 years already but now it is finally on the horizon. Spider-man is one of the biggest releases that will come out on the PS4 today and thus has been marketed heavily in order to get people excited for the game.

In the most recent trailer that was released at San Diego Comic-Con, we saw that anti-hero Silver Sable will actively stand in Spidey’s way in order to bring peace to the city. Beside Silver Sable, we already know of multiple villains that will appear in the game after they were revealed at the most recent E3. These include Mr. Negative, Rhino, Scorpio, Electro, and Vulture. Besides these, we have confirmation that there will be at least one more secret villain in the game.

We have also seen that the game will contain easter eggs from the Marvel Universe such as the enormous Stark tower that is will be visible wherever you are in the city. The size of the map also looks extremely large so there will be enough place for Spidey to swing around. The map will be filled with various activities to do besides the story like stopping robberies and beating up random bad guys.

The game will also prominently feature Peter Parker’s two friends Mary Jane and Miles Morales. The creators of the game have stated that teamwork and friendship are important and recurring themes in the game. We even saw some parts in trailers that could indicate we might get playtime as MJ although this has been unconfirmed. The game will release on September 7 for the PlayStation 4 only.


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