Wii Sports-esque Game For Switch Comes This Week

A sports game that makes use of motion controls has become an expected release staple of the past Nintendo systems. We had Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, and Wii Sports Club, but then no sequel appeared on the Switch. For those looking to get your fix of motion-controlled sports games, we’re finally starting to get some solutions, though they’re all non-Nintendo developed ones.

“Go Vacation” is a new Switch title developed by Bandai Namco that has players competing in a variety of different sporting events. The official trailer revealed that these events will be divided by several themed resorts.

Here’s a breakdown of the events we can see from the trailer:

Marine Resort features surfing, jet-skiing, fishing, and a diving game.

Snow Resort has a ski, snowmobile, and dog-sled racing.

Mountain Resort has paragliding, kayaking, rafting, horse and car racing, and tennis.

City Resort has in-line skating, motorbike racing, and miniature golf.


After showcasing these 4 resorts, the last part of the trailer includes a brief section that rapidly goes through numerous other games. All in all, this game looks to have an extremely vast selection of mini-games that may make it rival the huge number of mini-games available in a typical “Mario Party” game.

If traditional sports are more your style, you might be interested in Konami’s “Hyper Sports R” game that was covered last month.

Honestly, both games look like great titles to have for parties or family gatherings. Definitely something to consider getting for the Switch!


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