August 2 League of Legends PBE Updates

League of Legends

Some of the latest League of Legends PBE updates added several skin tweaks, changes to the new Nexus Blitz game mode, and a new set of chromas for the store.

The skin tweaks were mainly for the new “Mecha Aurelion Sol” skin. Here is a list of changes and pictures from Surrenderat20.

1. (Q) core should now have a red flickering light, with a darker background on the map floor.

2. (W) passive ships have a red circle glow/core around them!

3. Joke emote has new glasses – it’s black with a neon teal rim!

4. The chest turbine has been pushed in/sized down!

5. The waffle tail has been fixed, but it’s only really noticeable on his shadow – it looks much less broken, and more pointy.”

Mecha Aurelion Sol Mecha Aurelion Sol Mecha Aurelion Sol

Several balance changes and fixes for Nexus Blitz were also added.



AD:: 62 >>> 67

AS/lvl:: 3.5% >>> 4.5%


Stacks per champion hit:: 2 >>> 1

Stacks per CS remains at 2 (compared to 1 on SR)

Q – Nexus Blitz Stack Multiplier:: 3 >>> 2.5

(He’ll now get 7.5 stacks per minion kill, down from 9)


Dark Harvest

Stacks on champion death:: 6 >>> 4

Stacks on Cannon death:: 4 >>> 3


Added Zephyr – An MS and Tenacity option for AD/AS characters that need to kite better.


Reduced health of jungle monsters by 5%

Murkwolf Explosion damage:: 33% max HP >>> 60% Max HP

Jungle camp spawn time:: 55 >>> 60

Red and Blue spawn time:: 1:50 >>> 1:45

Fixed a bug where junglers were getting the Monster Hunter penalties from SR and TT


Increased Loot Teemo’s Health

Sudden Death Nexus Armor and MR reduced by ~10%

Base and Minions:

Fixed a major bug where minions weren’t aggro’ing on each other correctly.

Added particles and correct range indicators for the Fountain Laser.


New chromas for the “Cosmic” skins for  Ashe, Lulu, and Xin Zhao, were added, as well as for Mafia Braum and Mecha Aurelion Sol.

Cosmic Queen Ashe

Ashe Lol Chromas

Cosmic Enchantress Lulu

Lulu Lol cosmic chromas

Cosmic Defender Xin Zhao

Xin ZHao Chromas Cosmic

Mecha Aurelion Sol

Aurelion Sol Chromas Mecha

Mafia Braum

Mafia Braum

Current State of the Game – Too Much Damage

Lastly, there has been a lot of talk about how damage is currently too high in the game. Scarra, a prominent League streamer, made a video highlighting how it is one of the biggest problems with the current state of the game. It spawned a highly upvoted Reddit thread where other players voiced similar concerns. Riot product lead Richard “Maple Nectar” Henkel noted that the team is aware of the situation and is already planning to make some tweaks that should be hitting the game in patch or 8.17.

Unfortunately, tweaks can only do so much to change these core problems and Riot seems hesitant to make meta-level changes this far into the season. Another popular streamer, Hashinshin criticized product lead Richard Henkel regarding this situation on Twitter.

Ultimately, it seems that despite the community’s disdain for the current state of the game, big adjustments to the rune system and damage will be made after Worlds during the next pre-season.


Featured Image Source: Comicbook

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