New Special Edition Zelda-Themed 2DS XL Arrives July 2nd

Zelda 2DS XL

Nintendo is releasing a $159.99 USD special edition “Hylian Shield” themed 2DS XL on July 2nd for all the Zelda fanboys out there. Here’s a sneak peek of the box.

2DSXL Hylian Shield Zelda
Image Source: Polygon

And here’s the classy looking unit itself.

Image Source: TechSpot

Pretty flashy design no? Aside from it’s good looks, this release will also come preloaded with a digital version of “The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.” As someone who grew up with the classic Super Nintendo Zelda title, “A Link To The Past,” I’d really love to get my hands on this 2DS.


So far, most media outlets are reporting that this special edition 2DS will be released exclusively in the US and only sold by GameStop. Lucky for you my fellow gamers in Asia, I always prefer to do a bit of my own detective work before accepting any form of bad news.


After visiting the GameStop site, I found that they do in fact ship internationally. They’ve partnered up with a forwarding company called USGoBuy so now any one living outside of the US can still purchase things from Gamestop and have it shipped directly to your house. Here’s the official Nintendo page for all of their 2DS products. If you browse through the page, you’ll see that at the moment, the special edition Zelda version is listed as “Coming Soon.” Once July 2nd comes around, you can simply click on the Gamestop link there to bring you directly to the purchasing page. The rest is easy!


Featured Image Source: GQ

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