Steam Chat Adds Discord-like Functions To Client

steam chat

The latest update for the Steam adds “Steam Chat,” which basically adds a lot of new chat features to the client. Some of the new things that gamers can do on Steam include the following: create and manage group chats, add separate voice/chat channels to different groups, and adjust permissions. In other words, Valve has essentially incorporated a ton of Discord functions into their client.


One of the best QoL changes is that you can now embed YouTube videos and GIFs. Why it took them so long to implement, nobody knows. Here’s a video showing some of the different media forms that can be displayed through Steam Chat.


The major intent here is to redo the early 2000 era chat system that hasn’t seen that many changes in the past several years. Judging by my first attempts at playing with the new features, I’d say they’ve done a great job. The new chat is also browser-friendly, so you can log in on computers that don’t have the client installed.


Valve has also mentioned that they are working on a new Steam chat mobile app for IOS and Android, though no details on the expected release date has been stated yet.

There is actually a big list of changes that have come with this update and it’s worth taking a look at if you are big into the Steam ecosystem. The best way to get a quick view of everything new is to check out their official website for Steam Chat which you can find right here.


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