5 Jungle Champions That Can One-hit Enemy With Stormrazor Equipped

Stormrazor made a debut in patch 8.11 of League of Legends and quickly got attention of players that want to build the item for some long forgotten jungle champions. There are certain jungle champions that can land 100% crit damage hits to one hit K.O. a target with Stormrazor equipped, let’s see who they are.

1. Rengar

5 Jungle Champions That Can One-hit Enemy With Stormrazor Equipped

This list would not hold any value without Rengar. Without a Stormrazor, Rengar can use all he has to knock out a target easily but with a Stormrazor, he can do that even quicker with up to 160% critical damage (maximum 200% with other crit items equipped).

It’s true that Rengar looks very scary with a Stormrazor. The item grants Rengar more damage, movement speed, allowing him to pursue his “prey” if it survives the first attack.


2. Kha’zix

Now that Rengar has been mentioned, Kha’zix should be named too. Kha’zix was among the top banned jungle champions but then everything changed when Riot reworked his ultimate. But don’t you worry, Stormrazor can bring the Voidreaver back to the Fields of Justice completely. Though Kha’zix does not rely on his basic attacks in fights but sure a critical hit can make everything easier for him.

Like Rengar, players that use Kha’zix as a jungle champion would get him lethality items too. With both Stormrazor and Duskblade of Draktharr equipped, Kha’zix can deal a monstrous amount damage with just his basic attacks. And sure, runes count too, you can choose to equip Electrocute or Dark Harvest of Domination path for Kha’zix to take the best out of him.


3. Wukong

Wukong has never been a hot pick in competitive scene of League of Legends but now that Stormrazor is available, this may change soon. Wukong’s abilities should make good use of a Stormrazor as soon as he has one.

You would not want to roam the map alone knowing that enemy Wukong has got Stormrazor equipped. Or you want to take his combo head-on? That’s suicide, you know that.

4. Graves

Graves has been quite a favorable pick as a jungle champion since all his abilities got reworked. Depending on enemy’s lineup, you can choose what to get for Graves: Armor reduction + crit items like The Black Cleaver, Phantom Dancer or Lethality items to make Graves’ ultimate even more fatal like Youmuu’s Ghostblade, Duskblade of Draktharr. Graves can use a lot of good runes like Dark Harvest, Electrocute, Fleet Footwork and Press The Attack.

Considering Stormrazor’s features, you might want to pick Dark Harvest or Electrocute for Graves to make him capable of one-hitting enemy targets.

5. Zed

Though being seen in mid lane more often, Zed is a decent jungle champion with huge damage output and a remarkable playstyle. And you can’t go wrong equipping Stormrazor to Zed. Remember to attack the target with Storm’s Edge enabled normal attack to after using Zed’s ultimate to maximize the damage on this target. It’s more logical to get Stormrazor after basic jungling items and Duskblade of Draktharr.

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