LoL Patch 8.14: Top Champions To Climb Rank With

Riot has just released patch 8.14 and again, the game’s meta got changed to something new. Take a look at now top champions in ranked games in this patch.

LoL 8.14’s Best Top Lane Champion – TRYNDAMERE

LoL 8.14 Best Top Lane Champion to climb  rank TRYNDAMERE


So in this patch of League of Legends – patch 8.14, Tryndamere has got a new, unconventional playstyle. You will no longer need to get critical damage and attack speed items for him. So now what to get for The Barbarian King? Magic damage items it is. This is now trending among high rank players and of course in pub games too. With this style of item building, Tryndamere can now deal damage effectively with his Q, and constantly with E. It will also help reduce his ultimate’s cooldown significantly so he can use it more frequently.

LoL 8.14’s Best Jungle Champion – KINDRED

LoL 8.14 Best Jungle Champion to climb rank KINDRED

There’s no doubt that Kindred is the best jungler champion of this patch. It was just a small buff for Kindred but it’s more than enough for Kindred as other jungler champions are nerfed regularly in recent patches. Kindred is in possession of high damage output and good ganking capability. He’s also a good late game champion. That’s why Kindred is replacing Graves as the best jungler champion.

LoL 8.14’s Best Mid Lane Champion – AHRI

LoL 8.14 Best Mid Lane Champion to climb rank AHRI

It’s been a while since Ahri was last buffed. And it finally happened in this patch with Ahri’s E being buffed. At the current state of her E, Ahri can now disable her target a bit longer and deal more damage. Ahri should be now among the top if not the top choice when you look for a mid lane champion to pick because once hot picks like Talon, Zed or Zoe were all nerfed tremendously.


LoL 8.14’s Best Marksman – MISS FORTUNE

LoL 8.14 Best Marksman to climb rank MISS FORTUNE

With the release of patch 8.14, Miss Fortune is now the top pick for the Marksman role in League of Legends. Now players tend to get bonus lethality items and Dark Harvest rune of Domination path to maximize Miss Fortune’s potential as a Marksman so she can unleash her all her damage and wipe a target off the map quickly. Miss Fortune is now also very good in late game, can do what the other hard carry champions can.

LoL 8.14’s Best Support Champion – BRAND

LoL 8.14 Best Support Champion to climb rank BRAND

Brand has been known as a great support companion for bot lane champions but now in patch 8.14, he’s truly a top pick. Brand can deal a significant amount of magic damage like a mage and can do a lot more things than a support should be able to: harass, focus damage, stun/slow enemy targets to match aggressive playstyle.

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