3 Things That Drive Me Crazy Ranking In LOL

Ranked Solo Queue is where you can train and put your skills to test, push your limits to the max for the ultimate goal – winning the game and its rewards. There are 3 things that can up your win rate in a ranked game: concentration, individual skills and team spirit.

Individual skills and team spirit is on your own but concentration is something you don’t have the full control over. And the things listed below are the ones that can enrage and distract you easily.

Ask for a champion pick to swap but … the latter part is forgotten

This is quite normal in League of Legends, to the point the picking phase become such a nuisance whenever someone ask me for a pick to secure his favorite champion.


The first ever incident with this kind of situation still haunts me to this date. It was the last day of one League season, I was in Silver 1 tier (2 wins 2 loses), so it was definitely an important day to save it all or let everything go to waste.

I prepared for the day carefully. Everything went smoothly until a guy on my team asked me to pick him Soraka saying that he can only play Soraka as a support. I had no choice and asked him to pick me Amumu in return. Not long after I realized it was wrong of me to accept the request. In his turn, he picked me Morgana instead of Amumu and then just shrugged it off by saying that he was chatting and forgot what I said earlier. I was so furious but didn’t know what else to do in such situation than keeping silent.

Yet what came next was a lot worse. Enemy Kha’Zix killed me a dozen times in jungle and that guy turned to me again, this time to blame it all on me and kept asking for ganks. In the end, I lost and got 4 reports. You know well where it all went wrong.


So little effort to help jungle champion

My mom once asked: “What is League of Legends, really?”, to which I replied confidently: “It is a team game where everyone help each other out for one mutual goal.” She nodded enthusiastically I deep inside I knew that I had told her lies. Because it is just a concept and it can’t be found in some rank tiers.

As a jungler, I always want that AD/Support would not just stay near the tower all the time or AFK, leave me all alone with enemy champions. Sadly, things seem to go the other way more often. My AD would be usually AFK or be there all the time but offer little to no help at all, in any case. When I’m so bored of that and decide to go top first, other players would react by spamming the question mark (?) ping.

Constantly pinging

Ping is absolutely a good feature that helps team members quickly communicate with each other but in some servers, ping is used to distract and troll more often. If I do something no matter how little the action is, pings will be used constantly.

Some guys just want to ping whenever they feel like it. You are farming in top lane, you miss hitting a minion, you hear a ping. You just finish farming 2 jungle camps, you hear a ping and a “?” from allied top champion like he is blaming you for his losing the lane.

Some people just don’t care about what they ping for, they just keep spamming it for any reason, to provoke other players, to troll, ….

Translated from original article here.

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