RANKED: Top 10 LoL Support Champions To Carry With

Supports are often seen as champions with which you are unable to carry the game. However, with the chaotic state, the League of Legends is currently in this couldn’t be further from the truth. With a proper understanding of matchups and lane control, you will be able to dominate the laning phase, putting yourself and your bot laner way ahead in the game. Here are our top 10 picks to dominate the support role with.

All the champions have been ranked based on their current win rate in patch 8.14, their tier, and their ability to carry. All data is taken from op.gg

10. Blitzcrank

Tier: 3

Winrate: 50.34%

Blitzcrank is a high-risk high-reward champion. The last time that Blitzcrank was an actual meta pick was ages ago. However, Blitzcrank is still able to carry games single-handedly purely due to his signature ability, his Rocket Grab. Anybody who has played League of Legends will probably know what a pain Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab can be. Pulling the right target into your team can instantly decide a game, however, if you pull in the wrong enemy you can instantly lose the game as well. This makes Blitzcrank an unreliable pick to carry with unless you’re extremely proficient at playing him.

9. Pyke

Tier: 2

Winrate: 48.48%

The latest addition to the support roster is the assassin, Pyke. His kit was made to carry from the support role combing high mobility with tons of damage. He is probably the riskiest support pick out there but the payoff can be immense. If you get ahead on Pyke you will be able to assassinate any squishy hero on the field, while still providing full gold for any ally champion that last attacked your target. However, if you don’t get ahead in lane you will probably be the most worthless champion on your team, so it’s important to do well in the laning phase.


8. Thresh

Tier: 2

Winrate: 49.40%

Thresh is the ground zero for carry support champions. He has a signature hook ability, just like Blitzcrank, but he also offers a whole range of different options with which he can disrupt the enemy team. This makes him just as much of a carry but a much safe one. Landing good hooks with Thresh is essential if you want to carry with him though as it’s the most important ability in his kit. Thresh lantern is also a very unique tool with which your allies can escape from dangerous situations as long as they click on it (they never do).

7. Rakan

Tier: 2

Winrate: 50.53%

While most supports are immobile and lack movement abilities, Rakan completely flips the script by being one of the most mobile champs in the game. This gives him a leg up on most supports as he is able to easily traverse the map and set up plays in other lanes. He can also quickly dive on enemy carries when an opportunity presents itself, often which will often lead to a dominating team fight. Rakan’s ultimate is also absurdly powerful as he is potentially able to charm the entire enemy team, which leaves the enemy team unable to do anything while your team charges in.

6. Morgana

Tier: 1

Winrate: 50.41%

Morgana provides one of the most unique shields in the game, a magic shield that blocks any enemy cc. This is what instantly puts her on this list as making great use of this ability will negate any plays that your opponents try to make. This shield, together with a binding that lasts two centuries and an ability to push the lane makes it possible for Morgana to dominate in any lane matchup. Late game, Morgana has a powerful ultimate that has the potential to stun entire teams which means that they are either zoned away or they are stunned. Both are very beneficial for your team.


5. Sona

Tier: 3

Winrate: 53.19%

Despite seeing very little play in the LCS, Sona is an extremely strong support that is easily able to carry the game by herself. When timed effectively, as Q and powered auto attack will easily take 50% health of the enemy carries. She also provides your team with strong heals and insane movement speed. If this wasn’t enough to convince you, her ult is one of the best forms of crowd control in the game. She can potentially stun the entire enemy team. Sona is best suited to play with a traditional AD carry in order to make use of the ardent censor which is the perfect item for her.

4. Brand

Tier: 2

Winrate: 51.10%

It’s not really hard to explain why Brand is on this list. He just does an obscene amount of damage. If you like playing support but also want to have the highest amount of damage dealt of your team than this is your go-to champion. In lane, Brand’s poke is absolutely disgusting, easily able to chunk your enemies’ health by half. He also offers great pushing power and a decent stun, although the stun is quite hard to land. Late game, all that a Brand has to do is to land a good ultimate on the enemy team and spam his laugh while all the enemies burn to a crisp.

3. Soraka

Tier: 1

Winrate: 51.09%

The champion that is dubbed as “the ambulance” among fans doesn’t sound like the type of champion who can actually carry a game. However, Soraka is actually able to carry games really hard by simply keeping her entire team alive. Even if your allies are all idiots, they can’t feed if they can’t die. Soraka provides so much healing during team fights that the enemy will run out of damage, after which you can easily win the fight with your team. The only thing to watch out for is that the enemy team doesn’t dive onto you, as you die really fast.

2. Fiddlesticks

Tier: 1

Winrate: 51.45%

Fiddlesticks used to be a sleeper pick for the support role but has recently claimed his rightful place in the spotlight. Fiddlesticks is able to instantly fear enemies with his Q and also has an annoyingly long silence on his Dark Wind ability. Besides silencing, his E can also do devastating damage on the enemy laners and can push out the lane as well. To top his lane dominance off, he can heal himself through his Drain ability meaning that he doesn’t have to leave lane in order to heal up. Late game, a well-positioned Fiddlesticks ultimate can devastate the enemy team.

1. Alistar

Tier: 1

Winrate: 51.69%

Alistar is the only true tank champion that has made this list. This is not because tank supports are bad, but they make it harder to carry the game than supports with loads of cc and damage. However, Alistar has cc on all three of his basic abilities. His Q is his most notable ability as it’s an instant knock-up that can be used to start fights, turn around fights, and protect teammates from enemies that are diving in. His ultimate also allows him to reduce up to 75% of all incoming damage, making him extremely bulky without having to build any tank items.


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