8 Of The Best Shroud Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Plays

8 Of The Best Shroud Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Plays

2v1 Dr DisRespect Kill

When two of the hottest FPS streamers battle it out on Blackout then fireworks happen. In this clip Shroud expertly downs Dr DisRespect and his teammate after losing his own in-game squad mate moments before. From diving out of the storm by deploying his windsuit, using a rock for cover, and peaking out just enough to get his shots in, Shroud shows the-two-time how it’s done.


Given Shroud’s skill it often appears as if enemies are quite literally lining up to get killed by him. This clip is pure skill on display. There’s not much else to add. Shroud is a god.

Shroud Takes Down Entire Squad


If you’ve ever wondered what taking down a whole squad in the space of ten seconds looks like then we’ve got you covered. If you’ve ever wondered what killing two full squads in quick succession within 40 seconds looks like, then you’re in luck as well. It all happens so quickly and efficiently we can’t help argue with Shroud’s firm position as one of the best FPS players in the world. Obviously, the killing streak wins him the game to top it all off.

Death By ATV

Realizing Shroud is a mere mortal like the rest of us provides a nice warm feeling inside. Even the best falter once in a while. Here, Shroud orchestrates a cunning flank only to have his ATV run him over from behind. To boot the enemy doesn’t land a single shot. Here’s to him not boasting about having killed Shroud, because he clearly didn’t.

Four Man Streak

It isn’t pretty, but a lot of skill is on display in these short 30 secs. In many ways, it’s a particularly faithful depiction of how hairy battle royale games can get and the selection of skills required to come out on top. Shroud grapples, jumps through windows, uses a grenade, heals with a med kit, and lands the perfect shots for a four kill streak masterclass.


Shooting Hoops

Blackout isn’t all about shooting enemies, it’s also about playing around on the court at the mansion. Shroud’s impeccable aim isn’t only limited to bullets, but surprisingly basketball shots. He lands a perfect three pointer that swishes the net without touching the rim. Is there anything he can’t do?

Stuck Under The Map

Check out this buggy mess. To be fair Shroud was flying a helicopter under a supply drop, which we imagine wasn’t something Treyarch ever thought of testing for bugs. He ends up going a little lower than expected and getting stuck swimming aimlessly under the map.

Shroud Trolls Ninja

Shroud’s streams are often peppered with appearance from some of the biggest streamers and in this case we see him trolling Fortnite phenomenon Ninja (or at least displaying his awful driving skills). By plunging a truck off a ridge in a questionable move, Shroud ends up flipping the vehicle trapping Ninja underneath. Ninja reaction is one of absolute fear, with screeching worthy of the most immature 12-year old playing Fortnite.

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