Blizzard Nods At Epic Games With New Hearthstone Card

Fortnite Llama Loot

Blizzard just hosted a live reveal of more Hearthstone cards to be included in their upcoming new expansion – The Boomsday Project. For those of you who missed the announcement, the next expansion is themed after the infamous Dr. Boom card and will feature an assortment of new mechs. Among the many interesting new cards, one stood out in particular: “Weaponized Piñata.” From the concept to the artwork, it looks to be a clear nod to Fortnite’s “Supply Llama.” Check it out below.


Fortnite and hearthstone pinata


There are so many elements in this card that seem to indicate it being a nod to Fortnite. First of all, it’s an “Epic” rarity card. Epic Games anybody?

The colors, while different, definitely convey a similar idea.

The biggest sign may be “Weaponized Piñata’s” Deathrattle ability – “Add a random Legendary minion to your hand.” The Supply Llamas in Fortnite do more or less the same thing – when players destroy one, they drop out a different assortment of items.

IGN reached out to both Blizzard and Epic Games for confirmation

but the latter responded simply saying they had no comment on the matter.

Regardless of whether or not the card is a reference to Epic Games, the fact remains that the card is extremely powerful. It is nearly the exact same as the “Piloted Shredder” card.

Piloted Shredders
All of the “shredder” cards have Deathrattles which summon a random minion. Image Source: Gameverse

The only difference between the two is that the Piñata’s Deathrattle is a random legendary and the Piloted Shredder’s is a random 2-cost minion. Both are extremely high value cards. Opposing players need to cautiously clear them from the board due to the RNG-nature of their Deathrattle abilities. If a player clears them at random without the proper prep, the Deathrattle might summon an extremely powerful card that can’t easily be cleared. Due to this, the Mechanized Piñata is sure to see a lot of play in a variety of deck archetypes.

For a look at the other cards revealed during the livestream, check out the recording from the official Hearthstone YouTube channel below.  If you just want to see the Weaponized Piñata reveal, it’s at 17:56.


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