Epic Games Possibly Earned Over 1 Billion USD From Fortnite

Fortnite money

An article appearing on gamesindustry.biz details how Fortnite revenue from in-game purchases has already surpassed 1 billion USD. The news comes from a study performed by a marketing research firm, Superdata, which has published their findings on Fortnite and other battle royale games.

Fortnite money
Image Source: Superdata

This value reflects the amount of money that Fortnite was earning from all of the possible transactions that were available at the time. Given that Epic seems to be planning to include new vehicle cosmetics

and item gifting, there’s no doubt their earning potential will increase dramatically in the second half of the year.

Gokart Fortnite
How many players will drop some v-bucks to get vehicle cosmetics?

Recently, Epic Games announced that due to the huge success of Fortnite, they were changing the revenue sharing ratios of their Unreal Engine Marketplace to give more to their developers. What was most shocking about this announcement, was that they were even planning to retroactively return money to developers on sales they had already made. Considering how much money Fortnite has reportedly made Epic, it becomes clear how the company can afford to make such a generous change.


With the non-stop buzzworthy news that Fortnite puts out, such as their reveal of the $8 million USD prize pool of their “Summer Skirmish” event, it’s highly likely that the popularity of the game will only continue to grow in the coming months netting them an even higher earning potential. According to an article on IGN, 83 percent of the mind-boggling 700 million hours viewers have spent watching battle royale games can be attributed to Fortnite. For comparisons sake, MOBAs only racked up 275 million.


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