WATCH: Ninja Receives Anonymous $100,000 Charity Donation

As the most popular Streamer on Twitch, Ninja is the face of Fortnite. Luckily he is using his popularity for a good cause, as he pulled in an anonymous $100,000 donation for charity. The donation happened while he was partaking in a charity stream that aimed to raise money for St. Jude’s Children’s hospital. Ninja was the last streamer for the charity stream and he definitely went out with a bang. The charity stream was organized by GuardianCon, which is a gaming convention that will kick0ff today in Florida.

Ninja also managed to push the total amount of money that was raised over $2.7 million, which only happened in the final few minutes of his stream. Quite a butt-clenching last few minutes when everything was trying their hardest to push the number over 2.7 million. He raised a total of $325,000 during his segment of the charity stream. As a result, he will have to dye his hair again, as well as get two tattoos. These deals were part of donations milestones that were met, so expect some weird tattoos on his body soon.

The gaming convention was originally for Destiny and fans of Destiny but it has been more diversified in recent years. This has certainly been a good move for them as can be seen with the success that Ninja had with the stream. The convention will also be known to a much wider audience, now that popular streamers have made the convention known all around the world. The amount of money that the charity stream has raised this year is already double the amount that was raised last year when they raised $1.35 million.

Most people on the internet suspect that the donation either came from rapper Drake or from Epic Games. Drake and Ninja have previously streamed together so this seems plausible, however, the donation coming from Epic Games also seems very plausible as Ninja is practically the poster child for their game. As of writing, neither party has confirmed to be on the other end of the donation and I suspect that we will never find out who actually donated the money.

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