New Hearthstone Expansion Boomsday Project Announced

Hearthstone Boomsday Project

In less than one month, August 7th,  a new expansion will be released for Hearthstone. The new update titled “The Boomsday Project” is themed after the infamous Dr. Boom card which made its first appearance in the original expansion “Goblins vs Gnomes.” The card gained notoriety for being too powerful for the amount of value it offered players and it seems Blizzard has decided to capitalize on its popularity with this new expansion.

“The Boomsday Project” brings an additional 135 cards to Hearthstone. These cards are mostly centered around Dr. Boom’s connection with mechs and bombs. Blizzard published a video trailer of sorts on the official Hearthstone YouTube channel showcasing several of the new cards. This one is a bit longer than some of their other announcement videos, but it’s got some laughs and it’s worth taking a look at if you’ve got 10 minutes to spare.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick rundown of some of the cards unveiled in the trailer.

Hearthstone Boomsday Project

The expansion features a new ability called “Magnetic” which allows the merger of mech minions. If a card with “Magnetic” is played to the left of an existing mech minion, the two cards will automatically combine resulting in a single minion with the combined stats and card text.

Each class will also be getting a unique legendary spell. The Rogue card “Myra’s Unstable Element” unveiled during the trailer allows the player to draw every card remaining in the deck! It’s both extremely powerful and risky at the same time.

The expansion further differentiates itself from previous ones in its lack of single player boss battles. The Boomsday Project instead opts for a new battle style called “The Puzzle Lab” which sounds like it will feature puzzle concepts found in other card games. In Bethesda’s “Elder Scroll: Legends,” players encounter puzzle sets which provide them with a set of cards that they need to use in a specific way in order to clear the level. Blizzard probably intends to borrow some elements from this design with Puzzle Lab.

For the full details on “The Boomsday Project,” be sure to visit Blizzard’s official site for its latest expansion which you can find right here.



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