How To Defend Well In FIFA Online 4 With Tactical Defending

Tactical Defending (TD) – the brand new system of FIFA Online 4 has brought “the art of defense” of FIFA Online 4 to a whole new level in comparison to FIFA Online 3.

The difference between Legacy Defending and Tactical Defending in FIFA Online 4

If you have played FIFA Online 3 before, you would know what Legacy Defending (LD) is. It is designed to do everything for the player’s defense, from automatically moving the players, tackling, intervening …. All you need to do is using the E+D buttons combo to have your team’s players keep following opponent team’s players and attempting to tackle. Additionally, press A to slide if you want. If you call another player to assist you with Q, he will be as active as the other players under your control (by using E+D).

How about Tactical Defending (TD)? You would need to make some more action if you want to put it into use. You will need to control your players’ moving direction to lead them to where you need to defend. Same with tackling and calling for support, you have to manually do things. This is the biggest difference between TD and LD. So clearly TD is not better than LD.

FIFA Online 4 Legacy Defending

But LD can only be used in versus AI matches. Maybe it is meant to make PvE easier than PvP. We might say that TD is designed to differentiate the skill levels of FIFA Online players. By mastering TD, use TD better, you have higher chance of winning in FIFA Online matches.

Button combos of Tactical Defending

Tactical Defending has a lot of different button combos for you to learn. You can change the button combos listed below in control settings.

C+E+Directional buttons (LT+RT+ D-pad on Xbox controllers)

This combo is to control the selected player run in the direction you want. If the player then comes near to an opponent team’s player with ball under his control, the player will attempt to tackle or block.

C+D (LT+A on Xbox controllers)

Use this combo and the your selected player will approach the opponent team’s player controlling the ball. Your player will follow his target closely and continuously but only that until the target try to shoot (faking a shot counts too).

Space Button (B on Xbox controllers)

It is to command your player to perform a tackle but if it’s a miss, the player will lose his speed.

A key (X on Xbox controllers)

You press this button and your selected player will slide. But be careful when you do that in the penalty area as the opponent team may be awarded a penalty if it’s a foul.

Q key (RB on Xbox controllers)

This is for when you need assistance from another player near the selected player. But the player that comes to assist will only keep a distance.

W key (Y on Xbox controllers)

Use this to command your GK move toward the opponent team’s player controlling the ball inside your penalty area.

C+E+ Square brackets keys ([ or ])

Use this combo for when the opponent team has the ball under their control to command your team to lower the formation, from high to low to even lower to defend your goal post.

  • C+E+[ is to increase the defense level
  • C+E+] is to decrease the defense level

How to use Tactical Defending effectively

Use the right key/combos in the right case

Use C+E+Directional buttons when opponent team’s players have the ball under their control outside or near the penalty area but can’t find space to shoot. That is to have a player of your team approach the player with the ball to intervene the ongoing attack. Because it’s all manual, your player might run in wrong direction or run past the ball being unable to stop in time. But as the ball is still far from the post, you have some more chances with other players of yours.

Tactical Defending in FIFA Online 4

Use C+D (LT+A) when opponent team’s players have the ball under their control inside the penalty area and might have space to shoot. Your defending players will stand between the ball and the post trying to block it from a distance.

Use the right key/combos in the right time

Not just in the right case, you have to use the keys, combos timely to get the outcome you want.

For example, when the opponent team’s players have the ball, you have to quickly use right keys/combos to have your players come near the ball to tackle, sweep the ball away. Don’t just wait until the ball is near or inside penalty area, it may be too late then. And remember you have much more than one player to do the job.

Hope this guide on Tactical Defending would help you in the road to become a legendary FIFA Online 4 player.

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