Top 10 Must-have Dinosaurs In ARK: Survival Evolved [Part 2]

These ten must-have creatures are meant to make your experience with ARK: Survival Evolved more interesting. Part 1 of the article introduced to you the first five creatures, now get to know the rest of them in this Part 2.

6. Ankylosaurus

ARK: Survival Evolved Anxylosaurus

Ankylosaurus is the king when it comes to mining. This dinosaur can collect crystal, flint, metal and a lot more necessary and valuable minerals. Ankylosaurus has low movement and turning speed so it’s a real challenge in moving them to the mines. You can build a base near the mines for more convenient mining or use Quetzal to transport Ankylosaurus.


Ankylosaurus’ preferred food is vegetables and preferred kibble is Dilo Egg kibble.

7. Castoroides

ARK: Survival Evolved Castoroides

Castoroides is a giant beaver species that builds dams as habitats. You can use Castoroides to farm Cementing Paste and some other resources from the dams it built. Once you have tamed a Castoroides, let it live around a pond and it would start building dams so you can farm resources there. Castoroides is very helpful in wood harvesting.

You can tame a Castoroides by using Gallimimus egg kibble. Castoroides’ preferred food is vegetables.

8. Ichthyosaurus

ARK: Survival Evolved Ichthyosaurus

Staying in the water for an extended period of time is dangerous as there’s a limit for your diving ability. As a result, taming Ichthyosaurus to use for when you need to move underwater is a good choice. A Ichthyosaurus can get you to the bottom of an ocean in just seconds and it can be used to farm pearl.


To tame a Ichthyosaurus, you should use Dodo egg kibble or Raw Mutton. The process is quite easy.

9. Dung Beetle

ARK: Survival Evolved Dung Beetle

Dung Beetle is one of the few creatures that can convert feces into Fertilizer and Oil. Oil is needed to craft many important items in ARK. It is a giant bettle that lives in just a small area so you will not see them too often but it’s worth it to try to seek and tame one.

Dung Beetle’s preferred food is giant creatures’ feces.

10. Beelzebufo

ARK: Survival Evolved Beelzebufo

Last but not least, it’s Beelzebufo, a giant frog you can find in the swamps. Beelzebufo can gather Chitin, Cementing Paste, Hide for you. Beelzebufo can jump very high and is useful for transportation.

To tame a Beelzebufo, you need Pulmonoscorpius egg kibble and the food it loves, Raw Mutton.

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