Tokyo Ghoul:re CALL To EXIST Will Receive An English Release

Fans of Tokyo Ghoul got a nice surprise today at the Anime Expo 2018 in Los Angelos, as Bandai Namco revealed that they would be releasing their game Tokyo Ghoul:re CALL to EXIST. The game was already announced in Japan and would release for the PS4. Like with most anime games, fans didn’t expect the game to brought over to the West, but here we are.

Despite being a PS4 exclusive release in Japan, the game will actually come to the Steam platform for the Western release. This is probably due to the popularity of PC gaming in the West, whereas in Japan it has only recently become more popular. Since most anime fans in the West watch anime on their PC’s in the first place, it makes sense for Bandai Namco to release the game on PC as well. It will probably lead to a great boost in sales.

There is not too much known about the gameplay yet, although we have received a little bit of information. The game will be an action-survival game and will be played in the third person perspective. In the game, you can either play as a ghoul or as an investigator and compete in team-based battles online. This means that the game will have a strong focus on multiplayer. It will also feature various attacks from the anime so players will be able to recreate their favorite scenes and fully live out their Tokyo Ghoul fantasies.

For the uninitiated, Tokyo Ghoul is a seinen manga series that was written and illustrated by Sui Ishida. The series takes place in an alternate reality where “ghouls” live in secret amongst society. Ghouls are monsters that look like normal human beings but need to feed on humans in order to stay alive. The manga series has spawned multiple anime series and is quite popular among anime fans. The latest anime adaptation is called Tokyo Ghoul:re, which the game is probably based on as they share the same name. The game is set to release in Japan in winter 2018, but a release date for the English release has not been given.

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