12 Most Promising Yet To Be Released Games Of 2018

As we’ve just passed the halfway point of 2018, it’s a good time to look ahead to what’s planned for the second half of the year. From highly anticipated big budget triple A releases to indie gems flying under the radar, the latter parts of this year are looking mighty tasty.

We’ve sorted the wheat from the chaff and pinpointed the 12 most promising titles scheduled for release in the coming months.

Fallout 76

Any new Fallout release is an event in itself, and Fallout 76 is following the very same script, especially considering it represents Bethesda’s first foray into a purely multiplayer setting for the series. The screenshots are looking stunning and every new snippet of information released points towards a deep survival game play loop. As proof is in the pudding, we’ll have to wait for the autumn release to see if Bethesda have hit the spot or not. Also, Nukes!

Super Mario Party


Super Mario Party brings the renowned party series to Switch with the fun game play we all know and love. With mini-games, friendly competition, and those rich pastel colors, Super Mario Party is one of those titles to get your non-gamer friends involved in.


Whimsy indie farming simulator with a twist, Ooblets, is set for release later this year. If you’ve yet to cop the game, we recommend checking out one of the available trailers. Quirky and unique, Ooblets seems to be the ultimate happy place where fighting is replaced by dance battles, and players farm cute ooblets to accompany them on adventures. A nice change from the gun toting violence of bigger releases, Ooblets is a reminder that indie gaming is alive and well in 2018.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is probably the most anticipated game of 2018. After successive delays, the western adventure finally brings John Marston’s waning frontier world to this generation of consoles. From what we’ve seen, the game is set to be just as compelling as its predecessor.

No Man’s Sky Next

12 Most Promising Yet To Be Released Games Of 2018

No Man’s Sky is no longer the haphazardly-advertised mess of a game it was back in summer 2016. After successive updates, the atmospheric space sim is brimming with content. No Man’s Sky Next, part update, part relaunch, promises full-fledged multiplayer, PvP, updated fauna, and who knows what else. Hello Games are keeping this one very hush for the moment, and if previous updates are anything to go by, Next is set to be massive.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

The end result of Ubisoft’s transition to pure RPG, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey leaves the familiar waters of the assassin trope and delves players into a world where every action and decision has consequences. Gameplay demos reveal a stunning Ancient Greek setting. With the series able to reverse the tides of its wavering fortune with Origins, Odyssey is surely set to follow in the same thrilling footsteps.

Tetris Effect

Announced at E3, Tetris Effect is an interesting new take on the classic puzzle title. Utilizing visuals and sound to test player problem solving, the game is quite simply splendid. From what we’ve seen, Tetris Effect is to be a kaleidoscopic assault on the senses, and that’s a good thing. Borrowing form the identically named cognitive state, the game features a ‘zone’ mechanic where puzzle solving enters a new nirvana-like dimension.

Overcooked 2

The sequel to co-op cooking madness simulator, Overcooked 2 will offer even more outlandish locations, new recipes and challenging scenarios. Of course, this is all accompanied by the addictive comedic value first exemplified in the original. Overcooked 2 is set to be crazier with even more dynamic obstacles, and will include a host of new mechanics like warping, bridges, and a new throwing ability. Get ready to feel a range of emotions amid the oppressive heat of a manic virtual kitchen.



From the developer behind platformer Little Big Planet, comes Dreams, a creative sand box game. Players are put in charge of an impish character through which they can build, create, and manipulate objects as well as characters to solve puzzles and play a variety of mini-games. What sets Dreams apart is the inclusion of the game itself, but also the tools used to make the game. Players will have a their disposal a versatile toolkit to create whatever they can conjure up from levels to games and everything in between. Dreams is a game of infinite possibilities and developer Media Molecule hope it will take on a life of its own as players create, share, and play.

We Happy Few

We Happy Few finally leaves early access this year, and we can’t wait to see what the drug induced happiness survival game has on offer. Before being pulled from Steam a few months back, We Happy Few felt deep and interesting, we just hope the closed-door final touches are improving upon these laurels, rather than resting on them.

Just Cause 4

Rico is back! And with a new engine, better physics, and tornadoes as well as tropical storms. Slily kept under wraps until E3 this year, Just Cause 4 is shaping up to be an ode to unbridled destruction and mayhem. But this time around, the environment seems determined to cause just as much damage as Rico.

Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee

Another Switch exclusive, Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee takes the classic RPG elements of the series and marries them with the open-world fun of Pokemon Go. All this with updated graphics. The motto still rings true, gotta catch ‘em all.

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