Rockstar Quashes Grand Theft Auto 6 2019 Release Mod Hoax

Modder Trolls GTA VI 2019 Release

A cross section of GTA Online players have noticed a bizarre in-game pop-up. It seemingly announces that Grand Theft Auto VI will release in 2019. Nestled just above of the mini-map, the message states ‘Rockstar Message: GTA VI Coming 2019’, before listing Rockstar’s official web site which unsurprisingly makes no mention of a sixth entry in the open-world criminal adventure.

Modder Trolls GTA VI 2019 Release

Excited and equally surprised players jumped onto Rockstar’s support page to question the developer over the veracity of the message. Rockstar has retorted with a succinct response that puts all and any doubts to bed saying ‘This is a hoax made with the use of mods, and not an official message or statement from Rockstar Games’. An identical message has been was sent in response to questioning tweets on Rockstar’s official Twitter handle. Rockstar has therefore completely rebuked any notion of Grand Theft Auto VI releasing in 2019. If was fun while it lasted.

A mod as culprit makes sense due to the message only appearing on PS3, PC, and Xbox 360 copies of the game. These versions are the only formats to support modding. A self-satisfied modder somewhere is invariably giggling to themselves at the trouble caused.

Said cheeky modder did surface late yesterday when the in-game message changed to ‘Rockstar Message: Hope ya’ll had a laugh. Hopefully Rockstar will implement some new anti-cheat now.’ The twitter handle belongs to a 19-year old American coder who, in a series of tweets, owns up to inserting the message in-game.

Modder Trolls GTA VI 2019 Release

We don’t know for certain Grand Theft Auto VI is in the works, though rumors suggest it is. Rockstar is accustomed to injecting a little more flair into their announcements so a lackadaisical in-game message would be a weak display on its part.

The upcoming autumn release of Red Dead Redemption 2 should have been enough to steer confused players away from accepting the message as truth as it wouldn’t make commercial sense for Rockstar to hype two of its biggest titles simultaneously. Nor has it done so in the past. In addition, Rockstar’s release schedule generally gravitates around a sizeable gap between games.

The fact Rockstar hasn’t denied the existence of Grand Theft Auto VI in their response to fan questions is encouraging though. With the continued success of Grand Theft Auto V, logic dictates the next entry in the series is on its way, but it won’t be in 2019.

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