Pokémon Go Active Player Count At Its Highest Since Launch

Although Pokémon Go will probably never again reach the level of Pokémania it created with its release, it’s not doing as bad as a lot of people would have you think. In May 2018, Pokémon Go reached the highest amount of players that the game has had since it’s original release.


Data collected by SuperData shows that more people were playing Pokémon in May 2018 than at any other point since the peak seen during the launch. It has reported that the game had over 147 million active users, although this data has since been hidden on the website for unknown reasons. The website also reports that the game has generated an income of $104 million in May 2018, which is 147% more than the year before. The game is behind 3 Chinese mobile games for the highest grossing mobile game of May 2018.


The surge in active players is not all that surprising as the game goes hand in hand with great weather. During the winter months, players are less likely to go out on the lookout for new Pokémon, whereas during summer most people go outside for walks anyway so they might as well play. Niantic has also worked hard to keep the game as fresh as possible and to avoid it being a one-hit wonder. The game has received 2 new generations of Pokémon since it’s release and will soon receive a new trading and friendship function.

Niantic is also actively promoting new events in- and outside of the game. They have events for certain Pokémon such as rock type or water type Pokémon. However, they are also organizing events

like Safari Zone at Dortmund and Pokémon Go Fest which will draw in many dedicated and returning players. It’s clear that Niantic has no intention to let the game just die out and it wouldn’t be surprising to see the number of players increase again in the future.

The summer months mean that most children will have their summer breaks and they are one of the target audiences for playing Pokémon Go. Niantic will also kick off the Pokémon Go Summer Tour this weekend with the Safari event in Dortmund. During the Pokémon Go Summer Tour, Global Challenges will go live through which players all around the world can participate in the event, despite not being able to attend in person.

Another reason that is expected to create a large increase in the amount of Pokémon Go players is the announcement of Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee. The games were revealed at the end of May 2018 and will have a lot of compatibility with Pokémon Go. This will most likely cause people to try out Pokémon Go again in anticipation of the Nintendo Switch games, and to make sure that they will be able to complete their Pokédex once the games come out.

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