New Fortnite Playground LTM Is A De Facto Practice Mode

Fortnite Practice Mode Coming Soon

Epic games have teased an upcoming limited time mode (LTM) for Fortnite, dubbed Playground. The LTM has been in the works for some time and it seems Epic Games are now ready to reveal it to players. The news appeared on the in-game updates tab with the following tagline ‘Let your creativity run wild on your own private island!’

Fortnite Practice Mode Coming Soon

For all intents and purposes, Playground is none other than the long requested practice mode the battle royale title lacks. Players can freely roam and explore the normal BR map without fear of being shot at as would be the case in normal competitive matches. The matches also last longer than usual and there are extra resources available to allow for building experimentation akin to the more relaxed creative modes found in other games.

All chests and ammo crates are spawned allowing players to scout out loot locations in preparation for the real thing. The mode is played with up to 4 people with friendly fire switched on so you can use your friends as target practice and if you happen to be killed, you re-spawn almost instantaneously. The possibilities are exciting given squads can now test out strategies and improve their shot accuracy before risking it all in game. We may also see the more creative tranches of the player base build interesting grand designs, possibly intricate trap bases a la Rust.

Fortnite Practice Mode Coming Soon

Typically, Fortnite announcements in the updates tab see the light of day in the subsequent weekly patch so we could see Playground as early as this week. Sadly, the LTM title means the mode won’t be available indefinitely. It seems Epic are using this as an opportunity to gather player feedback, gauge the mode’s popularity, and uncover any exploits or possible issues, in preparation for a full blown release at some point in the future.

If it were to become a permanent fixture, Playground could prove a useful tool for beginners who want to get to grips with the layout of the map without being pestered or their match cut short due to inexperience.

You’ve really got no excuse anymore for those early game deaths. Round up the squad and get practicing.

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