New Fortnite PS4 Bundle Leaked From Sony Italy

Thanks to a leak from the official Italian Sony Facebook page, it seems like we’ll be getting a new PS4 Fortnite Bundle sometime very soon. The official box art is pictured below.

Fortnite PS4 Leak
Image Source: Game Rant

Considering that PUBG Corp. has teamed up with Microsoft for the exclusive release of their game on the Xbox One, it comes as no surprise that Epic Games might want to team up with either Sony or Nintendo with some sort of exclusive product of their own.

What’s unique about this collaboration is that Fortnite is a free-to-play game and as such, buyers of this bundle won’t be getting a game disc with the PS4 as is typically associated with special edition game + system releases. Future owners of this bundle will still have to download Fortnite in order to be able to play it.

What then, is the incentive to get this bundle? So far, it seems that along with the PS4, buyers will get the exclusive “Royal Bomber” skin pictured above and a bonus 500 V-bucks.

The original posting indicated that the bundle would become available starting July 16th and it would cost as much as a regularly priced PS4. From a business perspective, it’s hard to say whether or not Sony will see much revenue from this collaboration given the bad press it has received for their Fortnite account locking

. I mean, if you want to play Fortnite on a console, why would you play it on the only system that binds your account to it? To me, the portability of the Switch makes it worth playing Fortnite on Nintendo. If doing so prevents you from playing on the PS4, it doesn’t make much sense to buy this bundle.

Sony clearly messed up with their decision to not play ball with the rest of the kids on the playground. In my opinion, sales on this bundle won’t be very good, but maybe that’s exactly what needs to happen for Sony to start learning from their mistakes.


Featured Image Credits: Epic Games

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