How To Download PUBG Mobile On iOS And Android

PUBG Mobile is officially out on both iOS and Android. For those who still don’t have the game in your library yet, here it is.

There are two versions of PUBG Mobile:

  • PUBG Mobile, developed by Lightspeed & Quantum Studio, a studio of Tencent Games
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  • PUBG: Army Attack, also developed by a studio of Tencent Games, Timi Studio

How To Download PUBG Mobile On iOS And Android

The official launch of the two versions follows the successful beta test of PUBG Mobile in China which was very well received.

Both PUBG Mobile and PUBG Army Attack are available on both iOS and Android.

PUBG Army Attack, which is only released via Chinese app stores, features an extra mode called Assault mode which is not available in PUBG Mobile


How To Download PUBG Mobile

Download PUBG Mobile

These versions do have APK file available for Android users but if you are an iOS user and want to play PUBG Army Attack, you have to use a Chinese App Store account.

Here is the Chinese App Store account of EXP.GG for you to try:

Download links for the two versions of PUBG Mobile (Android/iOS)


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