Fortnite Is Out For The Nintendo Switch

Fortnite for the Switch is out now. During the Nintendo E3 Direct, they revealed that Fortnite would be coming to the Switch, and Reggie said that it would come out that same day.

Although it had never been confirmed, a lot of speculation was going around about Fortnite coming to the Nintendo Switch. This speculation was caused by multiple different reasons. First of all, leakers claimed that it would be coming. Quite a few leakers have been accurate with leaks on Nintendo and other games. However, you can never be quite sure whether it’s somebody actually leaking information or if it’s an internet troll listing off whatever he wants.


Another reason that made people think it would be coming is just due to the huge success of Fortnite. It would be quite stupid for any gaming company to not get the game on their console. With so many players playing Fortnite, Nintendo was bound to pick it up. Nintendo and Fortnite also go well together style-wise. Nintendo is well known for it’s often more cartoonish style compared to the serious tones that other game developers push. This goes hand-in-hand with the cartoonish style that Fortnite is so well known for.


A big plus for people who want to play Fortnite on the Switch is that the game will come with builtin voice coms, you don’t have to use any 3rd party software or programs in order to communicate with others. Furthermore, since you can undock the Switch and take it anywhere, you can now play Fortnite anywhere you want. Just in case you absolutely can’t get enough of the game. Think of it as Fortnite for a handheld, except that you can play the full game and not a garbage handheld version.

Nintendo featured 25 minutes of Fortnite Switch gameplay on the Nintendo Treehouse, but it’s not all the special. It’s basically just 25 minutes of Fortnite play.

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