Super Mario Party Has October 5 Release Date

The Mario Party series has been around for a long time but saw quite a drop in popularity over the past few years. Nintendo tried to introduce new systems to keep the game fresh and interesting but these certainly didn’t work out that well. Many fans are happy to see Mario Party return to former glory with the reveal trailer for Super Mario Party.


While the return to classic style Mario Party is what will make most fans of the genre happy, it should be noted that we saw something quite interesting in the trailer. We see two instances where Nintendo Switch consoles are laid against each other in order to play interactive minigames. In the first instance, we see them changing the way that both systems are lying on the table to change the layout of a map. The second time we see this is when a group of player is playing baseball against each other.


This means it’s been confirmed that you can play Super Mario Party with multiple consoles, which should, in turn, deliver some exciting minigames. The technology we see in work was patented earlier by Nintendo this year.

Besides this innovating feature, the trailer is not that special. We see a bunch of varying minigames such as fishing, cycling, cooking, horseback riding and tennis on a tennis field surrounded by lava. We also see some of the party maps make a small appearance. In one of them, we see Bowser almost getting crushed by a boulder which confirms that negative map events will be back.

Not much other information was shown in the trailer, but we might still get see more gameplay during the Nintendo Treehouse, which will run until the end of E3. The game will come out on October 5th.

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