Death Stranding Gameplay Revealed In Bizarre 8 Minute Trailer

After years of cryptic teaser trailers, we have finally seen gameplay footage of Death Stranding. In an eight-minute trailer, they show us how beautiful the game is, and how creepy at the same time. Despite showing us some gameplay footage they still don’t make it very clear what the game is about, Hideo Kojima is definitely keeping his cards close to his chest.

In the trailer, we see the star of the game, Norman Reedus, walking around for the majority of the runtime. He states quite quickly within the trailer that he is just the delivery man, which makes it seem that the game will feature a lot of walking around. They showed off a lot of diverse locations though, from green riversides to arid desert landscapes to huge mountain ranges. It seems that there will be plenty to explore throughout the world. We even see him losing his package due to harsh landscapes, so this might be something to watch out for.


Quite quickly we are painfully reminded that there is a terror lurking around every corner. The invisible monsters that were shown off before are back. When they are walking we only see their footprints, but the interesting part is that wherever they set foot, grass sprouts immediately start to bloom around them. The character of Norman tries to retrieve a picture that was fallen near one of the monsters but is quickly stopped by a new character introduced in the game. This character is portrayed by Léa Seydoux. The new character also reveals that Norman Reedus’ character is called Sam Porterbridges.

We are told a very small amount on the invisible monsters during the trailer. However, the reason we see grass quickly sprouting around it might be because of the rain. In the trailer, it is stated that everything the rain touches ages rapidly. Norman’s character seems to be somewhat immune to it although he did age when he got hit by a single drop. It’s still clear we know very little about the game.


Later in the trailer, we see Norman Reedus’ character trapped in a warehouse with the enemy quickly closing in. He tries to get out and uses a scanned to locate enemies. These enemies are different than the ones we saw before, these are floating and seems to consist of a bunch of different particles. Once they find Norman they quickly latch on to him and a pool of bodies comes out of the ground and tries to drag him down. Very creepy indeed. They also show off the baby in this part although there is still hardly an explanation as to why he is carrying a baby with him. It might be a sort of clone and that if he dies due to rapid aging, the baby rapidly ages as well so he will be born anew in some kind of way. This is purely speculation though as no details were revealed.

The last part of the trailer we see another female character introduced, portrayed by Lindsay Wagner. From this small tease, it’s clear that the main character does not know who she is and that he is too late for something. This could either be a flashback or towards the end of the game but we have no way of knowing as of right now.

Hideo Kojima does an amazing job making us all incredibly excited for this game, while hardly revealing any information at all. The game looks truly incredible, both horrifying as well as beautiful. It seems that being forced to leave Konami might turn out in something amazing after all.

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