Elder Scroll Blades Revealed At E3

Elder Scroll Blades E3

Bethesda announced today its upcoming  first person, free to play, mobile RPG – “Elder Scrolls Blades.” In their reveal, Bethesda’s Todd Howard notes that in designing the game, they were seeking to create an experience that they were not finding anywhere else.

To do this, Elder Scrolls Blades will feature a massive world that will be beautifully detailed in console level graphics. From some of the gameplay video footage Bethesda shared, this certainly seems to hold true. It is definitely one of the best looking mobile games I’ve ever seen.

Elder Scroll Blades
Console level graphics indeed.

It will also feature random-generated maps in addition to crafted ones. I’m a big fan of random-generated content because of the endless amount of replayability it ensures.

Players will be able to create and customize their characters by equipping a huge variety of different gear.

Elder Scroll Blades Character Creation

They’ll then be able to do battle with different monsters using either dual sticks or touch screen motions. From the gameplay preview video, the controls look rather simplisitic – Howard even highlights the fact that the game can be played in portrait mode with one hand. While he seems to believe this is an extra positive point added to the game, I feel a bit hesitant to consider it so. I’m more inclined to assume the lack of control movements make for a game with limited depth.


Then again, I could be wrong. The numerous game modes might be enough to keep players entertained for a long time.

Elder Scroll Blades features three modes of play:

Elder Scroll Blades Game Modes

1. Abyss – an endless dungeon mode where players try to survive as long as they can.

2. Arena – A PvP mode with 1 on 1 battles.

3. Town – a town-building mode that serves as the game’s major quest hub. As you develop the town, new NPCs appear offering you new quests and rewards. Eventually, players will also be able to visit their friends’ towns.

“Elder Scrolls Blades” seems to have the ingredients necessary to be a game that gives players an experience unlike any other. In particular, the vast amounts of customization, the random dungeon generator, and the PvP mode stand out in giving players more than enough stuff to do.

As someone who is very interested in the mobile gaming market, I’m very keen on following Elder Scrolls Blades and seeing whether or not it can provide us a truly unique mobile gaming experience.

For those interested in seeing the whole reveal video, you can check it out below.

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