15 Silly Jawns You’ve Pulled At Least Once While Gaming

You monster.

1. Going “ouch” when hit

Games don’t hurt you physically (unless you’re epileptic), but that doesn’t stop people from vocalizing an ouchie! (To be followed by a ‘that hurt!’). Whether it’s an instinctual response or just someone horsing around, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

2. Double jumping

Double jumping, common in platformers, gives you a larger jump range by doing it again while in the air. You only need it for select obstacles, but if you’re too used to it, your muscle memory’s probably just gonna do this every time you need to jump.

3. Horsing around while an NPC is talking

Don’t you just hate it when a random NPC comes up to you and starts to yenta on about something irrelevant to the plot? Worse, you can’t skip it! So, you start doing random shit. Thankfully, most NPCs don’t have pre-programmed responses to this, so you won’t be sent to a booby hatch. Unless it’s Postal II and you piss on them. Then they’ll just ralph.

4. Trying to sneak a peek up someone’s skirt

You perv.

5. Forgetting about a rare item ’til the final mission

In inventory-based games, each item has its own unique rarity level. That rarity can drive people to keep from usin gna item until truly necessary. But often, you fight a long, hard quest to obtain one, and victoriously put it in your inventory, and forget all about it. Until after the final mission. Duh.

6. Saving twice just in case

Imagine playing a game like Aline: Isolation without saving at least once! Thankfully, most games now come with auto-save so you can always resume at a familiar point. But sometimes, the save goes fuck-all, which is why some people, when presented with the option, always mash the save button.

7. Sniper rifle quick-switching

Commonly encountered in reflex-heavy FPSes like Counter-Strike, quick-switching is often done because people think it’s faster.  Sometimes it’s not. Hell, as long as it looks on fleek!

8. WASDing while not actually in a game

If you see someone absent-mindedly reaching for the WASD keys, confirm plus chop they’re a gamer.

9. Dying on purpose to see the character’s death anims

For some time now, games like Rise of the Tomb Raider have brought cool and usual death scenes to the forefront of the gaming consciousness. The more masochistic amongst us sometimes need to have a Saw-themed orgasm, hence, this trend.

10. Crashing into something to see the ragdoll physics

5 seconds before crash: Hey cousin, want to go bowling?

11. Pressing the W key to oblivion in hopes of more speed

Moving on to vehicles in games, every vehicle has its own acceleration and max speed. But sometimes, people can’t help it, and hold down W with more pressure than necessary in the aynredenish that this will somehow increase their speed. It usually doesn’t, but you’re sure to increase your keyboard’s rate of deterioration!

12. Abiding by the law

Sometimes, you just want to pretend to be normal for a day. So you abide by the law. Guns go into hiding, cars are driven within the speed limit, traffic lights are obeyed, and so on. This usually lasts for exactly five minutes, at which point you realize the entire point of a game is to do shit you can’t do in real life, and resume being a psychopath.

13. Rage-quitting a game through Task Manager

Score in the toilet? No problem! Just quit the game through Task Manager and they’ll assume there was something glitching on your end! Also perfect for when the game locks up.

14. Putting corpses into a neat pile.

Whether’s it’s because you have OCD or you’re just plain quirky, sometimes there’s nothing more satisfying than to see the bodies of your dead enemies being stacked into one neat pile. For the lulz.

15. Getting butt nekkid

“Did someone order an orgy?”

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