Nintendo Eshop Leaks Lead To Paladins Announcement

Paladins Switch

A few days ago, the Nintendo Switch saw some updates to its eShop and apparently, some dataminers wondered if there was any unreleased content that was also included in that update. What did they find? Several bits of info considered to be huge pre-E3 leaks! One of the big ones discovered by Twitter user @SciresM was a Fortnite home screen icon.

This coupled with the earlier E3 poster leak showing Fortnite for Switch, makes it all but certain that the game is indeed going to be available in the next week or so.

Another leak was then discovered and posted by Redditor u/R0slaN showing data for the game “Paladins” having been uploaded to the eShop.

Paladins Switch Leak

And because of this leak, Hi-Rez Studios having nothing left to hide, made it official just the other day with a blog post. So you can safely mark your calendars now, “Paladins” is coming to Switch June 12.

One of the strange things about the Switch release is that it initially won’t be available in its free to play form that has long been associated with the game. Instead, players will need to purchase a $29.99 USD Founder’s Pack in order to play the game upon release. The Founder’s Pack will include all 36 currently available champions and all future champions. The free to play version of the game has been announced to be released sometime later in the summer, so if you have the patience, you can also wait a few months to get your hands on the game.


The details have already been released on the eShop and you can also get more info about it on the official Nintendo page here.

At this point, I’m pretty sure dataminers have found out everything they could’ve possibly gleaned from the sources available. But if anything new comes out before E3, we’ll be sure to let you know!

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