Hitman 2 Official Revealed With Trailer, Coming November 13

After a series of teasers earlier this week the trailer for Hitman 2 has finally been released by IO entertainment. The game will be released for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One starting November 13 and is already available for pre-order now. The game comes in four different editions that will give you bonuses based on the edition that you bought. When pre-ordering the game you will also be able to play the sniper assassin co-op mode as soon as your pre-order is confirmed.


In classic Hitman fashion we can see Agent 47 assassinate his target in a large variety of ways, which indicates that just like the previous one, you can choose how to play the game and approach the missions. The map we see is Miami, according to the official website, where an official Formula 1 race is being held. Agent 47 is tasked to assassinate one of the drivers and the trailer demonstrates a bunch of cool ways to accomplish this, like sabotaging his car or sniping him while he’s racing. Although nothing too detailed is shown in the trailer it still has us hyped up as they show exactly why Hitman has such an endless replayability. Now it also makes sense why one of the Hitman 2 teasers was teasing us with a pit crew working on a car.


The sniper assassin mode is the first Hitman game mode that introduces co-op multiplayer to the franchise. As the name indicates, it is a sniper only game mode where you will work together with your friends to assassinate your targets and their bodyguards, while you’re all sitting in different vantage points. Although you won’t be playing Hitman in the classic way when playing with your friends it’s still a fun way to have you interact with each other as you will have to communicate throughout the game mode where specific targets are and in which direction they are walking.

Many details of Hitman 2 are still unknown. Only one map has been revealed so far and we hardly known anything about the story and how many mission will be playable in game. As E3 is already starting next week we are bound to see some gameplay of the new game to hype everyone up for its November 13 release date.

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