‘Days Gone’ Release Confirmed For February 22 2019

Sony Unveils Days Gone Release Date

Day 2 of Sony’s E3 countdown and we’ve been given a firm release date of February 22nd 2019 for biker vs zombie survival-action-adventure game Days Gone. The announcement also included a new trailer depicting new dangers, the introduction of new characters, and a sense of the desolate world players will have to contend with.

Similarly to yesterday’s Tetris Effect reveal, the news was communicated via a Sony live stream and further details provided in a PlayStation.Blog entry. Sony’s Bend Studio creative director, John Garvin, explains that the trailer reveals Criers, or in other words animals bent on making life difficult for protagonist Deacon. We spotted mountains lions, ravens, rabid wolves, and bears as well.

Sony Unveils Days Gone Release Date

Among a whole host of threats such as zombie hordes and wild animals, the trailer suggests Deacon has to deal with a bounty on his head. We also learned that the motorbike will act as more than a simple vehicle, needing repairs and gas to run, otherwise players may face the daunting task of surviving alone in the wilderness. Keep the bike well serviced, and you’ll be able to ram through hordes, perform treacherous skidding maneuvers, and escape danger at every turn.

New characters include the arms dealing Alkai Turner, and Ada Tucker, the de facto manager of the Hotsprings camp, which is believed to be the HQ that players will visit to resupply and find missions. More insight into Deacon’s rugged and uncompromising partner in crime Boozer suggests the relationship between the two will feature as a central narrative device in the game.

Sony Unveils Days Gone Release Date

We were also introduced to a new faction in Days Gone, aptly named Rippers. These are Freaker (zombie) worshiping lunatics who’ve organized themselves into a cult dubbed R.I.P. They roam the lands killing and torturing non-freakers. Interestingly, Garvin notes ‘when you get a chance to take down a Ripper camp, try bringing in a Swarm and see what happens – Rippers refuse to kill Freakers, and the results can be very entertaining’.

Days Gone will be showcased at E3 where we can expect to get a look at brand new game play footage according to Bend. Check out the trailer below and remember to mark your calendar for February 22nd 2019.

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