Black Cat Revealed As First PS4 Exclusive Spider-Man DLC Antagonist

Although the PlayStation 4 exclusive Spider-Man has not yet been released, Insomniac has already taken the liberty to reveal a post-launch story DLC you will be able to download for the game.

Although the teaser trailer that the studio released is extremely short, most of the trailer is focused on 1 particular character that we will be able to encounter after downloading the DLC. This character is Felicia Hardy or better known as Black Cat. She is a popular character within the Spiderman comics and is always unpredictable. She has served as an antagonist for Spiderman to beat, an ally for Spiderman to work with, and has even been the love interest of Spidey. One thing is for sure when Black Cat is around you can never quite expect what’s going to happen next.

When playing through the base game, several hints towards Black Cat can already be found throughout the game, according to community director James Stevenson. However, you will only be able to find and interact with Black Cat if you actually purchase the DLC. Otherwise, they will just be hints and puzzles that are forever unsolved.

The DLC, called The Heist, is part of a 3 part DLC series that is called The City That Never Sleeps. The second DLC will be called Turf Wars and will be released somewhere around November and the third one called Silver Lining will see its release somewhere in December. The enemies of the second and third DLC are still closely-guarded secrets and we will probably not find out for a good while. However, if they handle those stories in the same way as they handled The Heist, hints towards the villains of those DLCs might already be present in the base game.

Each DLC chapter will cost $10, however, you will also be able to purchase a bundle with all 3 stories that will cost you $25 and is already available now in the PlayStation Store. You can also buy a Digital Deluxe version of Spider-Man for $80 that comes with the 3 DLC stories as well.

Spider-Man launches on September 7 and The Heist will be available from October 23.

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