New Leak Suggests Switch May Get YouTube App

Despite the fact that the Nintendo Switch has been out for over a year, it has yet to provide access to certain high profile apps that could seriously enhance user experience e.g. Discord, Facebook, and Twitter. According to a leak first discovered by French website NintendHome, things might be changing – a YouTube app could finally be coming out as early as this week!

An IGN article on this story

noted that NintenHome managed to get a hold of a screencap from the Nintendo of America website in which the YouTube app was recommended as a “suggested” app. Here’s the tweet they shared of their discovery.

Translated, this tweet basically states that a YouTube app for Switch should be arriving on November 8th.

I tried to access the YouTube app page myself, but was unable to. It’s possible that Nintendo already applied a fix of some sort to stop more potential upcoming products from being discovered this way. Considering that the title of the upcoming Yoshi-centered game, “Yoshi’s Crafted World,

” was leaked in the exact same manner two months ago, it isn’t surprising that Nintendo would move more swiftly than usual to deal with this system problem.

Nintendo often makes weird business decisions, and the way in which they handle good news might just be another one on the list. If the release date for the YouTube app is actually on November 8th, why wouldn’t the company just publicly announce it and generate some positive media buzz about its arrival? Why all the secrecy? Considering that they’re finally releasing something we’ve long been clamoring for, you’d think they’d want us to know about it.


Featured Image Source: Gamerant

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