5 Things That Happen When You Got No Bars

(that’s bars, not bras, ya hophead.)

A cellphone is like no other earthly thing today, being the great equalizer of men and women, rich and poor, big and small: Everyone has them. And the only thing more important than one to every human being is the Internet, to which you hook up your phone. Entertainment, information, all packed into a single convenient medium. Especially for a gamer! Of course, shit happens, and for us, they’re called service outages. Here’s the top five things that’ll happen during one that’ll make you want to take a long walk on a short pier.


1. Missing Gaming Updates

Seorang gamer akut pastilah selalu mengikuti perkembangan terbaru dunia game. Bagi mereka, mendapatkan informasi mengenai tanggal rilis, pengumuman game baru, konten-konten terbaru, dan perkembangan tim eSport kesayangan merupakan sebuah keharusan. Ketika gadget dan koneksi internet rusak, tentunya hal-hal di atas harus terlewatkan begitu saja.

2. Losing Out On Discounts

Picture this. You have your heart set on a game. It’s set to go on sale tomorrow. You go to sleep feelin’ fine. Aaaaaaaand wake up in pitch black. OOPS, looks like someone fell asleep on the job at the power plant and now you have no electricity! No electricity = no Internet! Say bye-bye to that dream game.


3. No Multiplayer!

Unless you’re like me, you still crave social interaction in games. Online multiplayer games help provide a catalyst for that. Except, this is all contingent on a working Internet connection. What do you do when there isn’t one, or the only working line is a state-of-the-art (/s) 56kbps AOL connection? GG, WP, NO RE!

4. No Tournaments

Besides playing a game, another source of entertainment for a gamer would be watching other people play. Not just to enjoy n00bs who live in their mom’s basement scream endlessly at each other while they Leeroy Jenkins into the battlefield (/s), but also to glean some insight into their strategies. But if you can’t be there personally, and the Internet’s down? GG!

5. There’s a free game on Steam? Not for you, it ain’t!


ISP: Haha no [goes down for an hour]


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