Blizzard Job Listing Hints At New Diablo Game

I’ve played every single Blizzard PC game that was ever released starting from the original Warcraft. I’ve even played some of their more obscure console games such as “The Lost Vikings” and “Rock n’Roll Racing.” If you had to ask me what my absolute favorite series is, I’d say without a moment’s hesitation one word – Diablo. Imagine my surprise when I saw that there was a new job posting on the Blizzard careers site looking for a “Dungeon Artist” to work on an unannounced Diablo game. I can’t begin to describe the level of hype I’m feeling right now!

New Diablo Game
Here’s a screen cap of the new job posting.

Before anyone starts brushing this off as being somehow related to the rumored Diablo III Switch port that was talked about back in March, you’ve got to remember what the title of the job position was – dungeon artist. If this was for a port project, I doubt they’d need to bring on board someone specifically to create new dungeons unless the Switch version was somehow not a 100% direct port. I highly doubt this would be the case, and instead going to bet that this is in fact a new completely brand new Diablo title.

If I tallied up the number of hours I’ve spent playing games, I’m positive my Diablo II number would be at least twice the nearest game. I was living and breathing it back when it first came out. In comparison, the early versions of Diablo III were pretty awful. Luckily, the later patches fixed a lot of issues and I really came to enjoy it. At this point, I hope that Blizzard has finally gotten a good grasp on what the winning formula is for a Diablo game so we can avoid the fiasco that was D3 at its release.


Of course, I’m not implying that it should be a copy and paste job! Ultimately, I’m very excited to see what new things Blizzard will have in store for the next Diablo game and would just like to see the new title holding true to the spirit of the franchise.  Judging by the only bits of information we can glean from the job listing, it seems that Blizzard has finally come to understand the importance of this. I’m really looking forward to hearing more info on this game and hoping that it does the series justice.


Featured Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

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