YouTuber Shows Entire Overwatch Maps From Outside

Ever wondered what the Overwatch maps look like besides the restricted areas you play in? A YouTuber by the name of Noobinabox had the exact same thoughts and decided to dedicate a lot of his time creating a video that showcases some of Overwatch’s most beautiful scenery outside of the play zones.


The first half of the video is dedicated to showing players how beautiful some parts of the map are. Even though they are out of bounds Blizzard has still polished some of the locations somewhat. He shows some of your favorite maps from angles you have probably not seen them from before. This video is bound to give you some fresh insights in how the Overwatch maps are structured and how much effort Blizzards invests in creating such realist environments.


The second half of the video is where he shows some “behind the scenes” footage. The footage mostly consists of him and a friend messing around with bugs and glitches so that they can get out of the restricted zones and discover the rest of the maps. During this hilarious half of the video he also shows some parts of the Overwatch world that Blizzard definitely didn’t refine. Such as unfinished staircases, a random trash can in the middle of nowhere and three deserts stacked on top of each other.

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