Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Will Be Playable On Xbox One Soon

Rockstar games has announced that they will be bringing Grand Theft Auto San Andreas to the Xbox One. The game will become backwards compatible with the system, meaning that you can insert your original Xbox or Xbox 360 version of the game in the Xbox One and it will play without any problems. The game, together with two other games Rockstar is making backwards compatible, will be playable on June 7.

San Andreas is one of the most beloved games in the ever popular GTA franchise, and was the first game to feature the San Andreas region, which is basically California but in the GTA universe. The region was a huge accomplishment for it’s time as it featured three major cities as well as large stretches of land in between them, the region was also featured in the latest game in the franchise, GTA V. It was an extremely influential game for the franchise as well as for the gaming industry as a whole.


The story of San Andreas features Carl Johnson, CJ for short, who returns home after his mom was murdered only to find out that his family was falling apart and that his childhood friends are all heading towards disaster. To make matters worse, corrupt neighborhood cops frame CJ for a homicide he didn’t commit. CJ is part of the Grove Street Families gang, but after his long absence from Los Santos the gang isn’t what it used to be. The game has you travelling all throughout San Andreas in a captivating adventure, and trying to bring the gang back to glory.


Owners of the Xbox game will also get a bonus treat from Rockstar. When using your original Xbox game to play San Andreas on the Xbox One, the game will automatically be upgraded to the Xbox 360 one, which features better graphics including higher definition and longer draw distances and will also come with achievements for you to unlock.

Although San Andreas is the big title that will become backwards compatible, Rockstar will also bring two other, lesser known games to the Xbox One. The first is Midnight Club: Los Angeles, which is a racing game that Rockstar had made and was the last in it’s franchise and the other game is Rockstar Games Presents: Table Tennis. Surprisingly, the company that is known for creating games with the most absurd violence has also created a table tennis game in the past.

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