E3 Leak Points To Possible Fortnite Switch Port

There’s a new E3 leak that points to a possible Fortnite release on the Nintendo Switch. Similar to the Fallout 76 leak, this one was also first posted onto 4Chan so again, it’s not confirmed and should be taken with a grain of salt. The leak this time appears to be an E3 flier that according to the poster, was part of the showroom display planning. It contains a list of Switch games that may be featured at the event. Here’s what it looks like.


Switch Leak

This one looks pretty legit as you can see the already announced Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate making an appearance along with several other games that have also been discussed as having potential releases such as Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Kotaku has reported that they have spoken with an anonymous source familiar with Epic Games earlier this week who confirmed that Fortnite would in fact be seeing a Switch release.


With the massive popularity that Fortnite has been enjoying, and the fact that it has been released in some form on just about every other platform, it makes perfect sense to me for it to make it’s way onto Switch. The only question I have is what form this port will take. Will it be the standard battle royale mode? The player vs. zombie mode? Ultimately, I would like to see a fully fleshed out Switch port that contains both modes of gameplay. With E3 just less than 2 weeks away, we’ll be sure to keep you updated!

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