Star Citizen’s Ship Bundle ‘The Legatus Pack’ Costs A Crazy $27,000

Star Citizen’s $27,000 DLC

A new bundle pack for Cloud Imperium’s decidedly aspirant crowdfunded MMO sci-fi space simulator Star Citizen is now available for the princely sum of $27,000. We haven’t embellished the sum with extra zeros, the price is well and truly just shy of thirty thousand dollars.

Titled The Legatus Pack, it includes 117 ships – nearly all the available space faring vessels in the game – as well as 163 items that range from in-game skins and modules, models, posters, bio domes, a copy of the soundtrack, and some in-game currency.

Star Citizen’s $27,000 DLC

Even if you have the money at hand and are willing to spend it in, let’s say, such a frivolous manner, there’s a catch. A minimum spend of $1000 on Star Citizen content is required to even see the contents of The Legatus Pack. Resourceful as always, the internet has compiled a freely accessible list of all the items and ships, which you can view here.

Though still in development, Star Citizen has rarely been strapped for cash and has raised well over $200 million in funding since Cloud Imperium set up a Kickstarter for the project back in the heady days of 2012. Last year alone, near enough $35 million was raised. The phenomenal sum has earned Star Citizen the accolade of the most successful crowdfund-fueled venture of all time.

As for a release date, and after successive postponements, there’s no indication whatsoever that the game is near completion though it has a veritable army of loyal fans who continuously invest huge sums for seemingly few returns. Recent reasoning for the delay is the on-going development of Squadron 42, a single-player narrative-driven game staged with the Star Citizen universe featuring none other the vocal stylings of Star Wars’ Mark Hamill, and X-Files’ Gillian Anderson.

Star Citizen’s $27,000 DLC

More power to those who have the funds and the will to spend the cost of a decent car on items that have no inherent real world value, but the move feels slightly disingenuous. The money may grant in-game legitimacy and status, but for a game with finances dwarfing certain triple A studios, the move seems to pander, and take advantage, of the devotion exuded by seasoned players.

It also raises concerns as to in-game equitability. I always feel a certain trepidation when the financially gifted are able to simply buy a tangible advantage over others. But hey, free market capitalism and all that.

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