FFBE Best Team Comp Guide

“Final Fantasy Brave Exvius” is approaching its second anniversary soon and after being around for 2 years, has built up a massive pool of summonable units.  As of the time of writing, we’re talking about roughly 300+ units, each with their own unique abilities and skills. Given the huge potential number of unit combinations, a lot of people have tried to piece together an “ultimate team” that can tackle any challenge in the game. As a day 1 veteran, I’ve decided to provide my own 2 cents into what I feel is the “best team comp” with this guide. Considering how messy things can get if I go into future unreleased content, I’ll stick to the viewpoint of current content and won’t include any limited time units.

In order for any team to be considered the best, I think a core requirement is that each unit brings to the table enough utility moves to cover as many possible scenarios as possible. Let’s start with what I believe to be the most important role in the game and often times hardest unit to slot – tank.

Tank – Basch

Basch FFBE

In my opinion, there’s only one real contender right now for best tank and that’s without a doubt Basch. Aside from his great base stats, Basch has the best tanking kit in the game. He’s the only unit right now that can perform both an AoE physical cover and an AoE magic cover. In addition to this, Basch can also be your team breaker as he can perform an AoE 45% ATK/MAG break as well as a 45% DEF/SPR one. If an enemy you’re fighting resists a certain type of break, Basch can even do 5-turn single target 50% breaks of all types. And the cherry on top? He can also provide a respectable 70% AoE DEF/SPR buff to your team.


When you look at his incredible kit, it’s easy to see why no one can compete with the guy. Basch can tank any kind of damage, provide breaks, and also buff up your team’s defenses. He has something useful to do every turn.

Support – Roy

Roy is one of the best support in the game right now due to the fact his LB does everything! At max level, it provides a 3-turn AoE 124% ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR buff and also a huge HP/MP regen. While it costs 20 LB crysts to use, with LB gear or a unit with entrust, you shouldn’t have any problems having this up all the time.

The one con to using bards is the fact that you can’t swap units in 10-man trials if they’re singing. If you want to bring Roy or any other bard to these fights, you’ll have to wait until their song finishes before you can swap. For this reason, he’ll be outclassed in the near future with the release of the new Nichol who can bring similar buffs to the table without the turn lock.

Healer – Lotus Mage Fina

LM Fina
Image Source: Final Fantasy Exvius

Like both Basch and Roy, LM Fina comes with a whole bunch of tools for you to play with. She is one of only two healers (the other being Ayaka) who can currently dual-cast “reraise.” This allows for a lot of crazy combos! Worried about your tank dying the next turn due to a physical attack and also your team getting hit with status ailments like sleep/paralyze? Cast reraise on your tank and fix your whole team with esunaga. With reraise+curaja/esunaga/dispelga, you’ve got the flexibility to respond to just about anything a boss can throw at you.


Aside from her white magic, LM Fina also has a lot of useful abilities. She has “Entrust” which will give all her LB crysts to the target of your choosing. Your Roy just a few LB crysts shy of using his super strong limit burst? Entrust the guy. She also has a move called “Divine Veil” which boosts your team’s ATK by 80% as well as buffing all element resists by 45%. While the ATK portion of this buff isn’t that useful because of Roy, that 45% element resist is a big deal. Gear your Basch with 55% resist in any element and with Fina’s buff, he takes 0 damage from that element!

Physical Damage Chainer 1 – Camille

Camille is definitely one of the best 3-star base units in the game. She perfect chains with Tidus’ Quick Hit with her “Swift Tidal Attack.” Not only does the chain itself ramp up the damage, but this attack even comes with a -50% water imperil buffing up Tidus’ turn 1 damage even further.

Like all of the other units on this list, Camille also comes with a pretty big bag of tricks. Utility-wise she has “Water’s Healing” and “Gaia’s Barrier.” Water’s Healing is an AoE 70% fire resist buff and Gaia’s Barrier gives a 70% wind resist buff – 25% stronger resists in two elements compared with LM Fina’s ability.

Physical Damage Chainer 2 – Tidus

FFBE Tidus
Image Source: Final Fantasy Wiki

With enhancements, Tidus is a monster. His passive skill, “Sun Crest” grants him 50% increased damage to beasts, birds, and demon-type enemies. These monster types are some of the most common types in the game and Sun Crest makes him exceptionally good at killing them.

His chaining move, Quick Hit, went from having a 400% mod to a 720% one. That’s huge! This one ability should take care of all your physical damage needs. His LB is a -100% water imperil which is one of the strongest in all of FFBE.

Aside from his damage, Tidus also comes with a lot of utility. The ones most relevant for this team are “Entrust” and “Tackle Slip”. Like LM Fina, he also has “Entrust” so you have two chances of getting Roy enough crystals for his LB if necessary. Tackle Slip gives him 30% physical evasion, 20% magical evasion, and a 30% chance to counter. With 30% physical evasion, it’s pretty easy to gear him to 100% evasion. Throw in Moogle Plushie and Golem? You’ve got yourself a 100% provoke tank that can still deal good damage. So for magic damage heavy fights, Basch tanks the AoE magic attacks and Tidus tanks all physical attacks. What a combo!



Using this team, you’ve got incredible amounts of flexibility and damage. You can face pretty much any content this game has to offer unless it’s completely immune to physical damage or requires serious AoE damage.

Think you can come up with a better team comp? Let me know in the comments below!




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