Fortnite Introducing First Vehicle Soon – A Shopping Cart

Shopping Carts Coming To Fortnite

On the very same day that PUBG’s lawsuit against Fortnite came to light, it seems oddly appropriate that Epic Games has revealed the addition of none other than vehicles to Fortnite. Vehicles is glorifying it somewhat because we are talking about a shopping cart. Yep, that all too useful modern day handcart used to haul around groceries. PUBG Corp may very well spy another copycat addition given vehicles form an integral part of their own game.

The news appeared as an entry on the in-game ‘New Updates’ feed with the tagline ‘Roll into battle alone or with a buddy!’ Details as to when the shopping cart will be playable are non existent other than a vague ‘Coming Soon’ accompanying the vignette. In general, items listed in the update feed tend to see the light of day fairly rapidly so the general consensus is that it should appear in game pretty sharpish.

Shopping Carts Coming To Fortnite

In terms of mechanics, the interest lies in how to get the shopping cart to move around the Fortnite map. Possibly some sort of run-up-then-jump-in maneuver. Though, the mention of a buddy suggests you can commandeer the cart and get a trusted ally to push you around, realizing your dreams of budget regality in the process. I may have this totally wrong, and two players may be able to ride the cart simultaneously instead. Any information about special mechanics or abilities granted by the cart haven’t surfaced either.

As the first vehicle incorporated into Fortnite, a shopping cart seems all to apt for the vibe and game play of the dominant Battle Royale title. Fraught with comedic elements and a sense of playfulness, the idea of rocking up to a gun fight or orchestrating a drive-by mounted on a cart feels right for Fortnite. The imagination runs wild with possibilities and I can’t help thinking of a whole squad on carts decimating their opponents as they glide along.

Shopping Carts Coming To Fortnite

It will be fascinating to see reactions when the cart is used for the first few times. The recent addition of jet packs altered certain game play elements, and if we take this as a basis, the cart is sure to produce very much the same result.

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