New Stardew Valley Mods Remove Multiplayer Limit

Stardew Valley Multiplayer

Earlier this month, we reported how game designer ConcernedApe’s record setting game, “Stardew Valley,” was getting a huge update that would add something that fans had been longing for since its inception – multiplayer. With multiplayer, you could get three of your best buddies together to build a farm together. Sounds like a whole lot of fun right? There’s only one problem, the beta version available right now only supports up to four players at once. What if you had more than three friends interested in joining you in your farming endeavors?

Enter Armitxes‘ new “Unlimited Players” mod for “Stardew Valley.” This mod removes the cap on the number of players that can join the game by making it possible to build an unlimited number of cabins! Upon installing it, you can simply go to Robin, the town carpenter, to have her build as many cabins as you would like. Now you don’t have to leave any of your friends out of the fun!

Don’t want to clutter your property with cabins? No worries, give this mod called “Ultiplayer” by Platonymous a try. It enables you to add as many farmhands as you like regardless of the number of cabins available.

Stardew Valley Multiplayer
Get all your pals on the farm! Image Source: Gamerevolution

One last thing you guys should be aware of as everything listed here is still in the beta testing stage. The mods are still works in progress as is the actual multiplayer update for Stardew Valley. Don’t be surprised if you run into some bugs or glitches here and there. Still, if you’re eager to get out there on the farm with your pals, go ahead and give them a go. The awesome thing about both of these mods is that only the host needs to have one of them installed!



Featured Image Credit: Gamerevolution

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